The People Fighting to Save Your Life

Billions of people wake up every day and wish they could change the world. They constantly encounter things they would do differently. Millions try. They sign petitions, they show up to protest. They make little changes in their lives. They go solar, recycle, and stand up for their friends and neighbors. 

Once in a while, the constant friction of a world out of balance creates a pearl. One of the few among us who makes the choice to devote their life to change actually succeeds. They become benevolent black swans, redrawing the lines of the world.  Here are a few of their stories.



Building on the message he first brought mainstream with An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore checks in on trends in climate change since he first alerted the world to this global existential risk.

He calls out huge advances made in solar and other renewables, but also the rapid pace of heating and flooding that we are already seeing today. The risk is big but the opportunities are great.


Leonardo dicaprio

Right after he joined 400,000 people to march on climate change in NY, he warns of a dangerous new world at the UN 2014 Climate Summit, a historic event that lead to the signing of the Paris Accord.

In his words, "the good news is that renewable energy is not only achievable but good economic policy. Solving this crisis is not a question of politics, it is a question of our own survival."


president barack Obama

An overview of the honest progress we have made over Obama's eight years in office, and the massive work that is left to be done.


Neal Degrasse

If you've ever had a hard time understanding the core mechanics behind climate change, Neal Degrasse makes the science incredibly simple. He's got a voice for radio and is one of the great scientific minds, so we're always excited to learn from him.


Elon Musk

Ok we get it, climate change is real. Now what can we do about it. In the launch of Tesla's Powerwall, Tesla gives a clear explanation of the steps we need to take to solve the problem of climate change.

  1. Generate power with wind and solar
  2. Store excess power in batteries
  3. Electrify our cars and industries