TapQuality creates lasting relationships between
businesses and homeowners digitally.

Connect with customers at exactly the right moments.


Consumer Calls

When a consumer is making major financial decisions, a human conversation is an important part of building trust. We create digital moments that drive users to initiate a call about your products. Pick up.


Digital Direct

Start building a direct relationship with consumers by initiating the sales process digitally. Help them to review pricing, set up an on-site consultation, or chat with a member of your staff. Digital first converts.

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Leads are by far the most flexible way to acquire prospects. Start the sales process with a call, or email them prices. Use a central team, or deliver leads to a reps in the field to engage them anywhere.

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Low quality leads clog your sales pipeline

In popular new industries, a wave of affiliate marketing companies quickly pop up. Relying on large offshore call centers and massive lists of captured emails, they cold call and spam on your behalf, getting consumers to simply agree to talk to you.

We think there's a better way.

Combining targeted media and data, we identify customers that will convert for you just as they're beginning to consider solar options. We then deliver them to your business directly using clicks and calls to minimize friction.




Every business is different. Attribution helps us better serve yours.


For complex considered purchases, ensuring that media is optimized based on actual sales and associated costs is key to reducing your cost of acquisition and improving customer lifetime value. Our systems are data-centric, and have been designed so that acquisition & distribution are driven by your downstream data, delivering industry leading quality.